Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

High-performance metallic powders + High purity atmospheric gases = Praxair for all your additive manufacturing needs

High-performance metallic powders + High purity atmospheric gases = Praxair for all your additive manufacturing needs
When it comes to productivity, Praxair provides you with the ultimate one-two punch: Decades of expertise in gas delivery systems for atmospheric control of material processing plus world leadership in the manufacture of specialized powders for additive manufacturing. In other words, Praxair is able – like no other supplier – to meet your needs for powder and gas supply in your additive manufacturing processes.

Advanced Powder Processing: Vacuum Induction Melt Argon Gas Atomization
At Praxair, additive manufacturing powders are not a commodity, they are a specialty. In fact, our industry leading powder manufacturing facility combines superior technology, capacity and quality.

From our approximately 300,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to production of metallic and ceramic powders, to gas-atomized spherical free flowing powders; from custom engineered chemistries and sizes, to helping achieve approved aerospace grading – Praxair is extremely dedicated to additive manufacturing.


When making many specialty metal powders using gas atomization, argon is used to provide the most inert atmosphere possible. At high temperatures needed for many processes, oxygen and even nitrogen will react with many advanced materials to form detrimental metallic oxides and nitrides that lead to inclusions and other defects in the final products.

The 3-D printing process involves localized heating of metals. During the rapid heating and cooling process the material can be subject to chemical attack and thermally induced stresses. Argon will prevent oxidation of the metal and other reactions and can limit the impact of stresses. Argon can be mixed with other gases to create specialty blends as needed.

Nitrogen can be used in gas atomization processes where the metals being atomized are less refractory in nature or do not react to form nitrides. Nitrogen can also be used as part of recycle loop for more expensive gases such as argon or helium.

For many materials N2 can be used to prevent oxidation of the metal during the 3-D printing process. Nitrogen has the advantage of being lower cost than other alternatives and is suitable for processing less reactive materials.


Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
We engineer gas atomized metal powders including cobalt, iron, nickel and titanium for all your additive manufacturing techniques and applications. Our powders are custom-engineered for specific industries — including aerospace, automotive and medical.


We do more than provide industrial gases, specialty powders, gas supply systems and applications to the additive manufacturing industry. We work with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and improve your processes.

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