Pure control

Variables belong in your experiments, not your lab materials. At Praxair, you can depend on the purity and integrity of our products to help you conduct the most accurate experiments possible. We’ll supply your lab with a full line of high-purity analytical instrumentation gases, reagent gases, and gas mixtures, customized to your requirements. And we don’t stop there. Our laboratory services go far beyond gas supply. We offer a full line of cryopreservation and gas handling, distribution and storage equipment to help you work safely and productively. Because at Praxair, we don’t experiment with your satisfaction.


Gaseous nitrogen is commonly applied for inerting, stripping, drying and packaging and used as a carrier, diluent, or nebulization gas in various analytical instruments. Liquid nitrogen is essential for freezing and preserving many biological materials, including cord blood, bone marrow, sperm, cell lines and heart valves. Liquid nitrogen is also used with a variety of lab equipment, such as cold traps, gas adsorption systems, and NMR and MRI instruments.

Oxygen is critical for many bacteria, animal, and plant cell growth applications and can be supplied to incubators and bioreactors to achieve optimal cell growth. Oxygen is also used for combustion of samples during elemental analysis.

Carbon Dioxide
Gaseous carbon dioxide is used in incubators and bioreactors as an essential metabolite or agent for pH regulation to promote bacteria, animal and plant cell growth. Carbon dioxide is the primary mobile phase for supercritical fluid chromatography.

Gaseous helium is the most common carrier gas in gas chromatography. Because of its exceptionally low boiling point (approximately -269°C), liquid helium is used to cool NMR and MRI magnets to the point where their electrical resistance is virtually non-existent and they become superconducting."
"Dry ice
From pharmaceutical lab applications to DNA research and genetic engineering, our UltraIce™ premium dry ice plays a vital role in the experimentation, preservation, storage and shipment of biological samples.

Argon is the primary gas used to produce plasma energy sources for sample atomization or ionization in such analytical instruments as atomic emission, atomic absorption, and mass spectrometers.

Hydrogen acts as a carrier gas or combustion gas in multiple analytical applications, including gas chromatography, atomic emission spectroscopy, and atomic absorption spectroscopy.


Laboratory Equipment
We offer one of the industry’s most complete lines of laboratory gas handling, distribution, storage and safety equipment to help you use our gases more productively, efficiently and safely.

Gas Generators
Gas generators are a convenient source of pure gas and can provide significant benefits over other options. From hydrogen and nitrogen to zero air and oxygen, we can help you choose the right gas generation system to meet your needs.

Cryopreservation Equipment
Praxair offers a world-class portfolio of cryogenic products, equipment and services.  We work with our customers to fit all the pieces together, so you can remain focused on your core competencies."


Praxair's extensive experience with specialty and calibration gases can help lab managers and users review their laboratories' gas needs and select the proper gas products and delivery systems. Praxair's Laboratory Audit Program helps laboratories to:

Achieve consistent work quality
Improve productivity
Reduce costs
Better utilize bench and floor space
Implement appropriate safety measures

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