High Purity Gases

Specialty gases are widely used in industrial production and laboratory analysis

“Linde Gas Rus” produces and supplies specialty gases, which are widely used in industrial production and laboratory analysis.

Specialty gases are gases or gas mixtures, which meet all requirements to purity, components content and impurities, and produced according to certain technology and used in a small amount for analytical (metrological), technological, scientific and for other purposes. Additional feature of specialty gas is its application in systems that satisfy requirement about reactivity, hermiticity, diffusive resistance, etc.

Specialty gases range, produced by our company, includes high purity cylinder gases and liquid gases, calibration gas mixtures, laser mixtures and mixtures for medical tools sterilization.

Specialty gases can be produced at our plant in Ukraine or can be delivered from other Linde plants, which are situated in more than 100 countries. Key factor of success is guaranteed quality of our product.


  • Quality control of raw materials and products using analytic methods:
    chromatography atomic absorption, atomic emission spectrometry, X-ray spectrometry, calorimetry;
  • Ecological monitoring of highly explosive, toxic asubstances in atmosphere.

  • Protective, inert, reducing atmospheres in production of semiconductor, ultra pure substances and in coating and other technological processes.
  • Chemical synthesis.
  • Clinical diagnosis.
  • Research.
  • Laser technology.
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